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Liam Gallagher

Full Name

* William John Paul Gallagher

Band Nickname

* Our Kid

Date Of Birth

* 21st September 1972

Birth Place

* Burnage,Manchester,United Kingdom


* 5 feet, 9 inches

Band Role

* Vocals

Favourite Football Team

* Manchester City

Favourite Book

* The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

Other Info

Liam Gallagher is the showman of Oasis, he gets into fights, shows off, speaks his mind, takes no shit and is just generally an arrogant twat....we love him!!

Liam used to be a heavy drinker, and used to do a lot of cocaine, but it all changed when he was given the news of he was to have a child by ex girlfriend Patsy Kensit.

On September 13th 1999, Liam's first son was brought into the world and was named Lennon, after his all time idol, Mr John Winston Lennon. Since that day Liam has stopped caring about Liam and himself is not the most important thing in his life...its his son....nice one Liam!!

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