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WARNING!! This is an unofficial website which only contains material produced by the greatest band in the world...Oasis


Full Name

* Stephen Hope

Date Of Birth

* 22nd May 1982

Birth Place

* Camerons General, Hartlepool, North East England


* Work part time for a local store, and a university student


* 6 feet, 3 inches


* 11st

Favourite Football Team

* Manchester United

Favourite Alcohol

* Stella Artois

Favourite Movie

* Braveheart

Favourite Band/Artist

* Let me think....tough one....Oasis of course

Favourite Prized Possession

* Official Noel Gallagher Signature Union Jack Supernova Guitar

Favourite Quote

* "There is nothing conceptually better than Rock 'n' Roll" Oasis, Wembly 2000

Hobbies and Interests

* Sport, Socialising, Music, Jamming in the band im in

Other Info

Im basically just your average kinda guy. good personallity, good sense of humour and a total Oasis obsessist!!

I have one major career aim in life and that is to be the next Noel Gallagher....well, i play his guitar, songwrite (not as good as him...YET!) and sing...think i am on my way. I will make it big someday...and you can remember reading it here first.

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