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Track Listings

1. Acquiesce Tabs Lyrics
2. Underneath The Sky Tabs Lyrics
3. Talk Tonight Tabs Lyrics
4. Going Nowhere Tabs Lyrics
5. Fade Away Tabs Lyrics
6. The Swamp Song Tabs Lyrics
7. I Am The Walrus Tabs Lyrics
8. Listen Up Tabs Lyrics
9. Rockin Chair Tabs Lyrics
10. Half The World Away Tabs Lyrics
11. (Its Good) To Be Free Tabs Lyrics
12. Stay Young Tabs Lyrics
13. Headshrinker Tabs Lyrics
14. The Masterplan Tabs Lyrics

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Uk Release Date

* 2nd November 1998

Highest Chart Position

* Uk Number 2


* Noel Gallagher - Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals
* Liam Gallagher - Vocals
* Paul (Bonhead) Arthurs - Rhythm Guitar
* Paul (Guigsy) McGuigan - Bass Guitar
* Alan White - Drums

Written By

* Noel Gallagher, except 7 written by Lennon/McCartney and 9 N. Gallager/C. Griffiths

Produced By

* Owen Morris and Noel Gallagher
* Additional production and Mix on Track 7 by Owen Morris

Other Info

* All tracks on this album were b-sides from previous singles

Ste's Review

During the course of the journey of Oasis, they relased singles as any normal band would. On these singles were B-Sides....and this is a collection of the better ones....though I personally think they have missed off numerous good ones, but thats my opinion.

This is a collection of different styles altogether on one album, its got Covers, Acoustics, The usual Oasis sound and ballads....its a very good album and I personally like it due to it's variety of sounds, but again thats my opinion.

With a cover of The Beatles classic I Am The Walrus, Acoustics like Talk Tonight and Half The World Away, Heavier tracks such as Headshrinker and Acquiesce and the ballad in the shape of The Masterplan....this album is definately worth a listen. .

On the whole a very good album, but if you've got the singles don't be put off cos it's nice to have them all on one CD.

Rating: *****

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