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Track Listings

1. Go Let It Out Tabs Lyrics
2. Lets All Make Believe Tabs Lyrics
3. Cigarettes In Hell Tabs Lyrics

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Uk Release Date

* 7th February 2000

Highest Chart Position

* Uk Number 1


* Noel Gallagher - Lead Guitar, Vocals, Bass and Backing Vocals
* Liam Gallagher - Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
* Alan White - Drums
* Gem - Lead Guitar

Written By

* Noel Gallagher

Produced By

* Mark 'spike' Spent and Noel Gallagher

Other Info

* This was the thirteenth single release by Oasis
* Go Let It Out is taken from their fifth album Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants
* 'Go Let It Out' contains elements from 'I Walk On Gilded Splinters' performed by Johnny Jenkins
Ste's Review

Personally, this is one of my favourite singles. The A-Side track Go Let It Out isn't bad but i wouldn't say its brilliant, and the B-sides are very good.

The title track is featured on the album Standing On the Shoulder Of Giants and is one of top tunes on the album. Lets All Make Believe and (As Long As They've Got) Cigarettes In Hell aren't featured on anything else but this single, but wow are they good. Lyrically Noel is producing some of his best stuff and I don't think these will be beaten easily. I feel Let's All Make Believe should have been put on Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants....a bad decision on their part. Download them all above....see what you think.

On the whole an outstanding single

Rating *****

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