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Gem Archer

Full Name

* Colin Murray Archer

Band Nickname

* Gem

Date Of Birth

* 29th May 1967

Birth Place

* Middlesborough, United Kingdom

Favourite Song on "Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants"

* Sunday Morning Call

Band Role

* Guitarist

Marital Status

* Married, with 2 children

Favourite Films

* "The Godfather","Star Wars","True Romance,"The Deer Hunter" and "Toy Story"

Favourite Bands

* The Beatles and Plush

Other Info

Gem joined Oasis as a rhythm guitarist in 1999, after the departure of Paul "Bonehead" Arthurs.

Gem used to be the lead guitarist and he did the vocals for his previous band Heavy Stereo. He is an outstanding guitarist and when Noel decided to take a break on tour, he was more than happy to take lead and what a job he did!

He was said to be very depressed when Heavy Stereo split but according to Noel he is the happiest he has been with Oasis....and long may it continue!!

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