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Track Listings - CD 1

1. Fuckin In The Bushes Tabs Lyrics
2. Go Let It Out Tabs Lyrics
3. Who Feels Love Tabs Lyrics
4. Supersonic Tabs Lyrics
5. Shakermaker Tabs Lyrics
6. Acquiesce Tabs Lyrics
7. Step Out Tabs Lyrics
8. Gas Panic Tabs Lyrics
9. Roll With It Tabs Lyrics
10. Stand By Me Tabs Lyrics

Track Listings - CD 2

1. Wonderwall Tabs Lyrics
2. Cigarettes & Alcohol Tabs Lyrics
3. Dont Look Back In Anger Tabs Lyrics
4. Live Forever Tabs Lyrics
5. Hey Hey, My My Tabs Lyrics
6. Champagne Supernova Tabs Lyrics
7. Rock 'N' Roll Star Tabs Lyrics
8. Helter Skelter Tabs Lyrics

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Uk Release Date

* 30th November 2000

Highest Chart Position

* Uk Number 5


* Noel Gallagher - Rhythm Guitar and Vocals
* Liam Gallagher - Vocals
* Gem - Lead Guitar
* Andy Bell - Bass Guitar
* Alan White - Drums and Percussion
* Zeb Jameson - Keyboards

Written By

* Noel Gallagher except track 7 by Gallagher/Wonder/Cosby/Moy, track 15 by Neil Young and track 18 by Lennon/McCartney

Sound By

* Mixed by Mike 'Spike' Stent
* Recorded by Jon Lemon
* Digital Editing by Paul 'Strangeboy' Stacey

Other Info

* 'Familiar to Millions' is available in six formats; DVD, VHS, Double CD, Double Cassette, Double MiniDisc and limited Triple Vinyl
* 'Fuckin In The Bushes' contains samples from Murray Lerner's film 'Message To Love - Isle Of Wight 1970'
* 'Go Let It Out' contains elements from 'I Walk On Gilded Splinters', performed by Johnny Jenkins
* This is Oasis's first ever live album
* Recorded Live at Wembley Stadium on Friday July 21st 2000, except 'Helter Skelter' recorded by the SFX radio network on April 16th 2000 at the Riverside Theatre, Milwaukee, USA

Ste's Review

Well lets see, all your Oasis favourites and two cover songs, all on one double CD, which captures a fantastic live performance infront of 70,000 strong at Wembly Arena, and for the price of a single cd.......one word.....BARGAIN!

This basically tells the story of their journey and the sucess they have gathered.....its a thrilling, breathtaking live performance and a must have in your collection.

The songs you may have all heard before....but the way they are played live is unbelieveable.....there is a couple on this album that sticks to mind....a very cool electric version of Wonderwall.....Supersonic is taken to another dimension....and Gas Panic.....superb! These are just a few, a nice renditition of the old Paul Young song Hey Hey My My, and a wonderful remake of The Beatles classic Helter Skelter, makes this album worth every penny.

Rating *****

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