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Track Listing

1. Rock 'n' Roll Star Tabs Lyrics
2. Shakermaker Tabs Lyrics
3. Live Forever Tabs Lyrics
4. Up In The Sky Tabs Lyrics
5. Columbia Tabs Lyrics
6. Supersonic Tabs Lyrics
7. Bring It On Down Tabs Lyrics
8. Cigarettes & Alcohol Tabs Lyrics
9. Digsy's Dinner Tabs Lyrics
10. Slide Away Tabs Lyrics
11. Married With Children Tabs Lyrics

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Uk Release Date

* 30th August 1994

Highest Chart Position

* Uk Number 1


* Noel Gallagher - Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals
* Liam Gallagher - Vocals
* Paul (Bonhead) Arthurs - Rhythm Guitar
* Paul (Guigsy) McGuigan - Bass Guitar
* Tony McCarrol - Drums

Written By

* Noel Gallagher

Produced By

* Oasis and Mark Coyle
* Additional production and mixing by Owen Morris
* Slide Away produced by Dave Batchelor and mixed by Owen Morris
* Supersonic and Married With Children produced by Dave Batchelor mixed by Mark Coyle
* Engineers - Anjali Dutt, Dave Scott, Roy Spong and Mark Coyle
* Mastered by Owen Morris at Clear, Manchester

Other Info

* Shakermaker was recorded in February 1993
* Supersonic was recorded in December 1993
* Live Forever was recorded in February 1994
* Cigarettes And Alcohol was recorded in March 1994
* The LP release of 'Definitely Maybe' contained a bonus track called 'Sad Song'
* The Backing Vocals on 'Supersonic' were sung by Anthony Griffiths
* Four singles were released from this album
* Supersonic
* Shakermaker
* Live Forever
* Cigarettes And Alcohol

Ste's Review

It took creation six months to deliver the world a band and album that could change the face of music for another generation....they delivered 2 brothers and 3 mates, they delivered a new sensation to the world, they delivered.......OASIS.

The bands debut album 'Definitely Maybe' is arguably the most fantastic, genius, outstanding racket you'll hear for years. Of course, it nicks ideas left, right and center, but if you're going to do it, you might as well do it with some style.

The obvious influences are the Stone Roses, Beatles The Smiths, the intro to 'Bring It On Down' is the intro to 'Another Girl Planet' by The Only Ones, and a T-Rex riff leads the way in 'Cigarettes and Alcohol'.

Judging from 'Supersonic', Oasis' lyrics, which guitarist Noel writes and brother Liam sings, they couldnt give a fuck about anything. Life isn't necessarily sweet, but it is simple. The logic (like the music) is so direct like and 'in your face' it's a collection of songs that actually speak to you without having to sit down and work them out.

This says it all a quote from Select from August 1994 by Andrew Perry

"For all basic instincts, mind, there's a sense of possibility, a very real dream of empowerment. "Tonight, I'm a rock n roll star" goes the chorus for the opener, 'Rock N Roll Star'. Look at us! Believe, and it can be yours! Everything is about Manchester dreaming -- 'Slide Away''s vision on escape, love, and happiness, 'Up In The Sky' and 'Live Forever''s glorious E'd up rushed of shared invincibility. The whole album's a riotous celebration of the cheep thrills that pop culture affords, and it's littered with great pop moments. Barely a duff track ('Columbia' is probably the furthest from three-minute perfection) and, lest we forget, there's 'Cigarettes and Alcohol'. "Is it my imagin-ay-sheee-urn", Liam drawls with a stupidly funky inflection, "or I finally found something worth living for/ I was looking for some act-sheee-urn but all I found were cigarettes and alcohol." Drink beer. Smoke Tabs. It's all you need, he's saying, except maybe a good shag every now and then. "You've gotta make it happen", goes the anthemic, effortlessly '94 refrain. Don't get a job, just get your rocks off. Whatever squeezes your lemon, whatever cranks your wang. Do it. That's the message".

So is this the best band in the world with the greatest debut album??......Definately....and theres no room for Maybe.

Rating: *****

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